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Woodwind & Brass Repair

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"Established in 1998, Play It Again UK repairs all Woodwind & Brass Instruments, from major overhauls to minor repairs"

Colin Driver  

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Our onsite workshop repairs all Woodwind & Brass Instruments including Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, and Trombones. We work on all repairs from dents to major overhauls.


Please contact ​us before you bring your instrument in to ensure a quick and efficient turn around, or use the contact form below.

Bulk Repairs: We accommodate bulk repairs and are happy to work with multiple instruments from bands or schools. We only ask that, as we need to make space and priorities, please contact us prior to dropping in multiple repairs. Thank you!

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Quick Tweak

If you know the issue then a quick tweak maybe all you need, This includes replacement tenon corks.

  • Minor Repair 



If your instrument is causing you issues and you're unsure whats wrong then a check-down is what you'll need.

  • Find the problem and fix it. 


Full Service 

We recommend a full service every 12 -18 months to keep your instrument in top condition


  •  Full strip down, replace missing/worn cork/felt and pads, deep clean/polish, re-build, regulate to a good playing order



An overhaul includes everything included in a Full Service plus.

  • Replace all pads and corks. (Pads of your choice)

Drop Off Location

You can drop off your repairs at Absolute Music.

Our Technicians are on site for collections and advice:

Monday to Friday    -    10am - 4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday    -    11am - 1pm

Absolute Music 


Absolute Music

3-5 Knighton Heath Estate

855 Ringwood Road


BH11 8NE


Bulk Repairs

If you're contacting from a school or music hub we accept large bulk repairs, please email

Alex McCormick, Google Review

Colin has serviced my instruments for over 10 years and I wouldn't have it done by anyone else. With true care and attention to detail my instruments are always returned to basically new condition reliably and quickly!


01202 667320

For Musical Instrument Hire please contact Music Corner

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