Instruments for Beginners

Starting out on your musical adventure can sometimes be overwhelming but, the team here at Play It Again UK we will be by your side every step of the way. 

So what's stopping you? With many teachers working online at the moment, you can even learn in the comfort of your own home - or ,if you wish to teach yourself we can offer help in selecting the right tutorial book for you. 


When it comes to buying your first instrument, you will see that there are lots to choose from, Learning on a poor quality instrument can have a damaging effect on your learning, and you may find the instrument spends more time in the workshop being repaired than being used by yourself. We work closely with Yamaha because we mutually believe you don't need to compromise on the quality to get a good price. 

All our instruments go through a pre-sale check in our on-site workshop.

Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet


Why we love the Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet

"The Yamaha YCL-255 Is a superb student instrument, Made of ABS Resin making it lightweight but looks and sounds like a profesional wooden instrument" 

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Yamaha YFL-212 Flute


"The Yamaha YFL-212's build quality is second to none, this is important when buying a delicate instrument like a flute. Yamaha flutes are one buy instruments, they will take you from Grade 1 and are still well-respected instruments in adult bands"

Why we love the Yamaha YFL-212 Flute

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone (also available in Silver)


Why we love the Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

"We come across many student Saxophones and the Yamaha stands out for comfortable playing style and the tone you get from the YAS-280" 

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Yamaha YTR-2330 Bb Trumpet (also available in Silver)


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There are many ways you can learn a Brass or Woodwind Instrument. Get a teacher, get a tutorial book or even get on YouTube! However, it is always best to get at least a few lessons with a teacher because when learning by yourself you can't get an immediate reaction when you're doing something wrong. This may cause you to pick up bad habits that are harder to shake off later on. If you're looking for a teacher give us a call and we will be able to recommend someone in your area!

Tutor Books 

Tutorial books are great so you can continue learning & get ahead of the class. If you have a teacher it's best to ask them what they recommend as they may have their own style of teaching. Here are a few options: