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W E  G U A R A N T E E  Q U A L I T Y  

Once they have been reassembled and are ready for sale, our instruments are triple checked by our team of in-house repairers first. During this process they thoroughly check all parts, pads and corks as well as the overall condition of the instrument. Each instrument is then test played by our Founder and Head Repairer Colin before it is allowed to leave the building.

C O N D I T I O N  R A T I N G S  E X P L A I N E D :

L I K E  N E W : Fantastic condition and looks like it hasn't been touched

V E R Y  G O O D : Minor marks, this will not affect the instruments playing ability (Please see photos)

G O O D : May have a few scratches, this will not affect the instruments playing ability (Please see photos)

All our Clarinets come with 2 Vandoren Reeds, Cork Grease, and a Pull-Through. They are dispatched Next Day via UPS. Once you have received your Clarinet, you have a 14-Day approval period with a 100% refund if you're not happy.

WE WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE SATISFIED: All Instruments purchased in December have the standard 14 Day Approval, 6 Month-Buy-Back PLUS the warranty period extended to start on January 1st 2021!

Start Learning the Clarinet from the age of 4 with the nuvo dood

What do i get with my instrument ?

  • x2 Vandoren Reeds, x1 Cork Grease, x1 Pull-Through

  • 14 - Day Approval period with a no hassle refund

  • 6 Month 70% Buy Back Guarantee (more info)

  • Free Delivery 

  • Certificate of Service 

  • Annual Service Reminder

  • Split Payments (this is currently an in-store only option. We are looking at ways of adding a 0% Interest split payment scheme online soon)




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