These plastic sheet music holder clips stop your music blowing away while playing outdoors - and are also excellent indoors in draughty rooms or where fans or air-conditioning is being used.

  • They are transparent so don't obscure your music.
  • They slide onto the shelf of your music stand securing your music
  • They allow for faster piece transitions and easier page turns than any other music holding device.
  • They are made out of a durable break resistant plastic, so won't crack or break when dropped.

Being hidden from your audience, they look much more professional than pegs, magnets, weights or heavy sheets of plastic, and are effective with sheet music and bound orchestral and band parts.

The clips fit almost all music stands (including Manhasset, Wenger, Hamilton, K&M), and work on band stand fronts. The standard clip fits any shelf thickness up to 12mm (½ inch) thick. Large bend clips for stands with a shelf thickness greater than this

Musicmaide Music Stand Clips (Pair)




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