These artist quality reeds have been created by Marca in collaboration with the brilliant virtuoso performer / teacher Professor Paolo De Gaspari (Trinity Laban, Brimingham Conservatoire)


While professionals can benefit from these high-quality reeds’ fine balance, rich timbre, and lively response, educators and students will fin them long-lasting and, most important, consistently playable, reed after reed, box after box. This reed produces an all-round sound, neither too dark nor too bright.


  •  Designed especially by Paolo De Gaspari.
  •  The flexibility of the reed, to have all possibilities of control on the sound
  •  The finest quality of cane, gives to Marca reeds the uniformity and balance and consistency of the reed strengths​
  •  The canes are selected one by one, producing high quality reeds, We must select the finest cane and control each one​
  •  Available Strengths 2,0/ 2.5/ 3,0/ 3.5/ 4,0

Marca Paolo De Gaspari Bass Clarinet Reeds x5

Marca Reed Strength




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