This range of vintage-style trumpet mouthpieces uses a traditional bowl-shaped outer profile. The comfortable rims are designed to give maximum endurance, without loss of agility, and are available in popular established sizes. The quality of workmanship, which is the hallmark of Denis Wick's mouthpieces, is reflected in the classic warm tone that these mouthpieces produce, irrespective of rim size. This makes them an ideal choice for both students and professionals. They are available in either gold or silver plate.



A large mouthpiece with a warm tone and great flexibility making this a favorite in symphony orchestras.

Cup diameter: 17.00mm
Rim width: 5.35mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type



Rich, warm tone with great carrying power.

Cup diameter: 16.75mm
Rim width: 5.15mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type



Slightly larger than the regular 1½C this model is based on historic versions of the 1½C, which were slightly larger than modern production. Very warm tone and great projection. Slightly rounder rim on the inner edge than a 1½.

Cup diameter: 17.00mm
Rim width: 5.20mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type



An unusually large 3C with great tone, projection, and flexibility.

Cup diameter: 16.75mm
Rim width: 5.27mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type



A great all-round mouthpiece is suitable for every kind of music. The classic shape helps create a sound that has brilliance, making it suitable for first chair band or orchestra players.

Cup diameter: 16.50mm
Rim width: 5.30mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type



Clean sound with a focused, centered tone and great projection. A classic mouthpiece for both beginners and experienced players. Medium small diameter to aid upper register, medium-deep cup to maintain a warm sound.

Cup diameter: 16.25mm
Rim width: 5.22mm
Bore: 3.80mm
Backbore: V-type

Denis Wick American Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece (Gold)




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