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Updated: Feb 19

Name: Diane Grebby.

Location: Nottinghamshire.

Instruments: Eb, Bb, A and Bass Clarinet as well as Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone AND Flute – a multitalented musician to say the least!

Favourite Instrument: Clarinet.

Fun fact: Diane once played a xylophone solo alongside Patrick Moore!

Qualifications: Diane is a graduate of London College of Music and holds an ALCM, LLCMTD, GLCN & PGCE Secondary Qualification.

Diane’s Story: Being the only musician in the house, Diane was the odd one out growing up. Her grandfather did have an old piano in his house that she would play on when she visited, and this eventually led to Diane asking for recorder lessons when she was 5. Although this did not turn out to be Diane’s true passion, it opened her eyes to the music world. Her class teacher at the time was an enthusiastic guitarist and sure enough, this rubbed off on Diane and she was soon taking guitar lessons at her local music centre.

However, as much as Diane enjoyed the guitar she wanted to be involved in orchestras, jazz bands and groups where she could meet other people rather than playing solo. Once Diane made the switch from Guitar to Clarinet, she flourished. She made friends for life and it was easy to commit every Friday evening and Saturday morning to the music centre.

Throughout her Sixth Form education Diane won a scholarship to go to London once a week and have music lessons with Keith Puddy. She knew that her future would involve music education and pursued this path at London College of Music after leaving school.

Now, Diane is: Teaching both private pupils and peripatetic students through Inspire Music, Nottinghamshire. Diane is currently teaching remotely while lockdown lasts and really enjoying it. Her favourite part of this is running a weekly clarinet and saxophone ensemble for children who are pre-grade one – for free!

For Diane, teaching is: “a real enjoyment”. Diane loves to see her students grow and even has had pupils in the past who are now teachers themselves. Diane say’s “it’s my life” and clearly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Goals for the future: Diane feels that she has achieved all her major goals, something few people can say! She is happy doing what she’s doing and can see herself teaching for many years to come.

If you are looking for a music teacher who knows her stuff, get in contact with Diane via - why not try something new!

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