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Name: Amy Rose.

Age: 15.

Where are you from: Dorset.

Which instruments do you play: Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, Ukulele & Cello.

What made you start playing: I started guitar lessons at school when I was about 9, after I bought a guitar at a car boot sale. A few years later, I started collecting and playing more instruments.

What are your music goals for the future: I would like to study music performance or composition at university and then do something music related for my career. My dream would be to be a Musical Theatre Composer and have my plays performed at places like Broadway and the Royal Albert Hall.

Who is your biggest inspiration: Jacob Collier because I love his music and am inspired by his vast knowledge of music theory.

What is your biggest achievement: Winning the Rotary Young Musician Competition in February 2020.


Thanks for sharing Amy! If you want to see more of Amy, head to her Instagram page @amyyyyy.rose where she answers more of your questions and regularly uploads videos of her playing her instruments

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