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Updated: Mar 19

Want to know more about the star of our new series, The Wednesday Night Jazz Jam? Keep reading!

Alex Clarke is a rising star in the Jazz world. At only 21 years old, she has already made it to the finals of BBC4’s ‘Young Jazz Musician Of The Year’ and works at Warwick School inspiring new young musicians and gigging all around the country in her spare time. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? We think so! But you may ask, where did it all start for Alex? Well, let us go back…

Alex started her music journey at age 8 with the piano. She tells us that there was always a piano in her family home as her mum would play, and this is where it all started. After working all the way up Grade 8, she is very grateful for the experience as it created a foundation for her understanding of music theory and opened her eyes to new and exciting instruments – like the recorder! After a few years of recorder, she decided she wanted more. At age 10, she got her hands on her first flute and her path into woodwind began.

Now, Alex is known best for her saxophone skills but originally, her parents banned her from starting on the Sax! They said it was too noisy and too big, guaranteeing that she would leave it or lose it on the way to and from school. But, she persisted. After hearing the jazz band on a Wind Band weekend, she knew Jazz was her calling and her parents finally gave in (and we are so glad she did!).

Fast forward about 6 years, Alex submitted a few videos to the BBC on a whim. She then found out she was through to the semi-finals of Young Jazz Musician Of The Year. She travelled down to London to compete against 25 other musicians and a few days later, she got the good news that she was down to the final five! On the night of the final, Alex was on cloud nine surrounded by likeminded young talent and performing her heart out. Although she didn’t win, you can tell by the way she talks about it that the experience was enough.

We can’t wait to see what Alex has in store for 2021 and the post-COVID world. If you want to follow her as she continues to smash it, follow her Instagram account @alex.clarke and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more content from her every Wednesday - you don’t want to miss it!

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