Musical Instrument Hire 

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Music Corner offer an affordable, simple and flexable Musical Instrument Hire option. This is a superb choice when finding out if you or your loved one will take to the new adventure. 

Why should you consider hiring? 

Hiring is a great way to find out if you or your loved one enjoys playing or simply not wanting the financial outlay buying outright poses. 

On site workshop

Music Corner works extremely close with

Play It Again UK to provide a top quality full service on every instrument before despatch

Our Dedication to Quality

We want you to be proud of the Instrument you’ve hired so our dedication to quality is key, when we source our instruments they are rigorously checked over by our specialists before heading to the workshop for a complete service.

Choosing the best Instrument for you

It’s easy to go with the cheapest option but that may not necessarily be the right choice for you, seek advice from your teacher. Or give us a call on 01202 667320 and our advisors can offer you advice.

We make upgrading or trying a different instrument simple.

Upgrading is easy at Music Corner 


Buffet Cooper Scale Flute (£195.00 Rent £9.75pcm) if you pay x10 payments you've paid £97.50. If you now wish to upgrade to a Yamaha YFL-211s this would have cost (£325.00 Rent £16.25pcm) but with (-£97.50) it becomes £227.50 and only £11.37pcm 

Our Instruments


Clarinet Hire from £7.50pcm


Tenor Saxophone Hire

from £26.25pcm


Flute Hire

from £7.50pcm


Trumpet Hire

from £7.50pcm


Alto Saxophone Hire

from £12.50pcm


Cornet Hire

from £7.50pcm

How does the hire work

We offer a 4-month mandatory rental period but after this point, you can purchase the instrument at any point minus what you've already paid in rental fees. (+£30.00 admin fee)

Or if you would like to upgrade or try another instrument we can take off what you've already paid in rental and recalculate the new rental terms on a different instrument.


You will be sent a statement on the 4th, 12th, and 23rd month, so you can decide if you wish to carry on renting, port to a new instrument, or purchase the instrument. 

All our rentals are calculated on a 24-month plan, after the 24th payment the instrument automatically becomes yours and you'll have nothing left to pay, we will be in contact so we can return your deposit.


Within the 4-month mandatory period, we completely cover all maintenance on the instruments (this excludes breakages and what we deem as misuse) 

After the 4 months, we then offer a 50% discount on maintenance that needs to be carried out. 

Whats Included

All our rentals come with a case, mouthpiece, and cleaning essentials, with our woodwind instruments you will also receive x2 Vandoren Reeds (S1.5 but if you'd prefer a different strength please let our advisor know) and Cork Grease.


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If you're looking for Brass & Woodwind Instruments or Accessories please visit or call 01202 667320 (Ext 1)