Hiring an instrument is the easiest and cheapest way of finding out if you or your child hold that musical talent without the commitment. 

We're flexible

We offer a 4-month mandatory rental period but after this point, you can purchase the instrument at any point minus what you've already paid in rental fees. (+£30.00 admin fee)

Or if you would like to upgrade or try another instrument we can take off what you've already paid in rental and recalculate the new rental terms on a different instrument.


You will be sent a statement on the 4th, 12th, and 23rd month, so you can decide if you wish to carry on renting, port to a new instrument, or purchase the instrument. On the 12th and 23rd months, we will also remind you that your instrument may require servicing.   

All our rentals are calculated on a 24-month plan, after the 24th payment the instrument automatically becomes yours and you'll have nothing left to pay, we will be in contact so we can return your deposit.


Within the 4-month mandatory period, we completely cover all maintenance on the instruments (this excludes breakages and what we deem as misuse) 

After the 4 months, we then offer a 50% discount on maintenance that needs to be carried out. 

What's Included?

All our rentals come with a case, mouthpiece, and cleaning essentials, with our woodwind instruments you will also receive x2 Vandoren Reeds (S1.5 but if you'd prefer a different strength please let our advisor know) and Cork Grease.


Follow our step-by-step instructions to get your new adventure started today. 

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Step 1

Select the instrument you want to hire (all hire breakdowns are within the product pages) and call us on 01202 667320


Hire Examples 

  • Flutes from £7.50 per month

  • Clarinets from £7.50 per month

  • Alto Saxophones from £14.75 per month 

Step 2

Pay the deposit of £50.00 (we can do this over the phone or in-store) and if you're further from us, let us know where you would like your instrument delivered.  

Saxophone Class

Step 3

Our partners at GoCardless will email you to sign you up with a direct debit

Once this has been done and accepted we will then send you your new instrument on a next day delivery service

Contact: 01202 667320

We can offer friendly and professional advice based on your requirements 

We Ship All Orders Monday - Saturday on a Next Day Delivery Service