Rovner Van Gough Ligature and Cap - Bb Clarinet

Rovner Van Gough Ligature and Cap - Bb Clarinet
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Clarinet - Polished Alloy Finish

VAN GOGH - A ligature with a BIG sound - 30-50% taller than any other standard ligature, enjoy full freedom of expression

Offers greater presence and access to a fuller tonal spectrum • Eliminates pinch points that restrict vibration • Offers excellent intonation, response, projection & articulation • Supports and stabilizes without mashing the reed, yet grips firmly, reducing reed shift...great for synthetic reeds! • Its neutral tone responds readily to subtle adjustments, giving the player the ultimate control. The Van Gogh does it all!

Often Selected By:
Soloists & recording artists who want a clean, “uncoloured” tone • Concert band/orchestra players • Jazz players • Rock/blues band players...Marching band players

The ligature material and hardware are created to specific specifications and go through a series of treatments and processes to ensure their durability and imbue them with energetic response!
The textile used in Rovner ligatures is not leather and is, therefore, not prone to stretching over time the way leather might.

All ligatures include a Rovner cap

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