Reconditioned Olds Super 'Ultrasonic' Bb Trumpet (875116)

Reconditioned Olds Super 'Ultrasonic' Bb Trumpet  (875116)
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For sale is an Olds Super 'Ultrasonic' which has been sat in a cupboard for at least 15years!This is probably the Trumpet equivalent of a Classic Car 'Barn Find'! The serial number dates it at mid 70's and whilst there is lacquer loss as expected (patina?), it has remarkably few dents, the exception being an annoying 'ring' which looks like the result of a poorly fitting mute. This now looks like a bell seam but isn't as the 'Ultrasonic' bell is one piece. All of the slides are free and the 1st and 3rd still have the original thumb saddle/ring. The valve action is very nice and the whole trumpet has that lovely 'Olds' feel to it......properly made with no signs of repair. The case is solid but is missing a handle and badge and whilst still being functional, would benefit from a tidy up. Overall this a great opportunity to buy a lovely vintage Trumpet at a sensible price.

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