The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme enables pupils at Local Education Authority schools (this includes academies) who receive instrumental tuition to purchase instruments without paying VAT!


  • The student must be in full-time education.

  • The student must be receiving music tuition at the school. 

  • The instrument must be appropriate for the student's needs.

  • The instrument must be new. 

steps that must be taken 

  • Check that your school offers this scheme.

  • Select your instrument (Must be an appropriate standard to musician and must be a new instrument).

  • Instruct your school to make an official order for the instrument. 

  • We will deliver your instrument to the School for your collection.

contact us: 01202 667320

We can help make sure everything goes smoothly from contacting the school to selecting your new instrument. Contact us and we can get things started for you