Meet Wiltshire




Age Range: Adult

Playing Standard: Intermediate/Advanced

Big Band music, playing together for 10 years

Gigs: are all on





Age Range: Any age.

Playing Standard: Any.

We have a beginner’s group for absolute beginners, a training band, Jubilee Brass and our main senior band so we have something suitable for any standard.

Style of music: Varied – from traditional brass band, classical, swing, pop – if its been arranged for a brass band, we’ll give it a go.

Short bio: In its over 140 years of history the Band has seen successes at top level in the Championship Section, and at the other end of the spectrum with near disbandment. Currently in the second section nationally. Although Downton was traditionally a local band, it attracts players from as far affield as Portsmouth to Poole.The Band is a non-for profit charity organisation, funded by member subscriptions, kind donations and of course the engagements performed throughout the year.

Gigs: As an integral part of village life, here in Downton, the Band in turn serve the community through key events including Armistice Day, key church services and public concerts, as well as performing at several key events throughout the year, including 3 days at the New Forst Show. You can also hear us every year at the annual Downton Cuckoo Fair in May, and of course carolling around the snowy village streets in the run up to Christmas – culminating in a tour of the village in the early hours of Christmas morning!