Our Top Tips For Playing the Flute

Play It Again UK’s Top Tips for playing the Flute


·         When putting your flute together be careful not to damage the key mechanism.


·         When starting to play, or are coming back to playing, keep your practice sessions short and simple.


·         To begin with you’ll need to work on your embouchure (the muscles around your mouth) – This is formed by relaxing the bottom lip and blowing across the blowhole using the top lip muscles.


·         When practicing think about your posture. Whether sitting or standing, you need to be as relaxed possible and be able to breathe freely, keeping your shoulders down.



·         Always try to warm up before practice with a simple scale. Try not to do too much too quickly, we recommend 10min practice every day to start with.


·         After practice remember to use the Pull-Through provided to remove the build-up of moisture, as this can damage the pads. Also remember to wipe the body and keys as the oil from your fingers can lead to corrosion.



·         Avoid leaving your flute lying around, we recommend purchasing a solid stand or putting it back in its case.



If you would like some lessons to get you started, we will happily suggest a teacher in your area.