Our Top Tips For Playing the Saxophone

Top Tips for playing the Saxophone


·         When starting to play Sax, for a child starting we recommend a Vandoren 1.5 reed, and for an adult a 2.

-          If you are getting back into playing you may find that you can’t play on the same strength, we recommend coming down a strength as after a break your muscles will need to strengthen again.


·         Moisten your reed in water or by putting it in your mouth for about 30 seconds before fitting it to the mouthpiece (be careful not to snag or chip the reed – this can easily be done on clothing) – We supply x 2 Vandoren reeds with Alto and Tenor Saxophones


·         When assembling your sax, be careful of the neck and mouthpiece joints. If the neck joint is a little tight try loosening the screw. If the mouthpiece cork is tight try applying some cork grease (supplied free with all our Instruments)


·         Always try to warm up before practice with a simple scale. Try not to do too much, too quickly we recommend 10 min practice every day to start with.


·         After practice remember to use the Pull-Through provided to remove the build up of moisture as this can damage the pads.


·         Saxophones are expensive so you won’t want to leave it lying around, we recommend purchasing a solid stand or putting it pack in its case.


If you would like some lessons to get you started, we will happily recommend a teacher in your area.